[UE5] Pre-Vis – Fishing Net Rig

[UE5] Pre-Vis - Dynamic Fishing Net Rig

In a feature project I contributed to while at Dark Matters, a scene unfolds when the main character gets entangled in a fishing net pulled by a massive fish.
We needed a rig that could adapt to this situation, extending and contracting based on connections to the character’s ankle and the fish’s fin.

Project's Breakdown

Note: We were using Unreal Engine 5.1, which lacked a feature to easily attach constraints to bones in the sequencer.

IK Rig & AnimGraph:

Our core idea was simple: use an IK-Rig with two key points—one at the top and one at the end of the net.
We then integrated this rig into the AnimGraph by utilizing two IK goals.

ABP_FishingNet (Anim Graph)

Control Rig:

To make this rig easy to control, we used blueprint communication to connect it to a BP_FishingNet, where two simple shapes were responsible for managing the net’s behavior. This allowed us to use the “Attach To” function in the sequencer to link one shape to the character’s ankle and the other to the fish’s fin.

ABP_FishingNet (BP Graph)

It’s worth noting that animators had to work in Simulate mode to see real-time updates of the net’s movements in the viewport.
Previs Render: