[UE5] Tech-Vis – Technocrane Rig for Virtual Production

[UE5] Tech-Vis - Technocrane Rig for Virtual Production

Working with Dark Matters, I designed a control rig for the Supertechno 50+ crane in Unreal Engine 5. This project introduced me to the practical application of the Slide Chain node in building this robotic rig.

Project's Breakdown

The project was initiated in response to a message from VP Supervisor Isaac Partouche, who pointed out projection issues with existing packages like TechnoCrane and SubLab.

The specific crane model we needed to rig was the Supertechno 50+ (Supertechno 50), which had previously been rigged in another digital content creation tool.
Our task was to recreate the control rig within Unreal Engine 5 to meet our techvis requirements.

Control Rig:

The main challenge lay in creating an extendable arm control rig that mimicked the behavior of a piston along a single axis, rather than a simple IK chain.
To tackle this, I turned to an insightful video by xxerbexx, which provided valuable insights into the mechanics we needed to replicate.

The Slide Chain node proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle, allowing us to achieve the desired functionality.